I am a Cat

Life of an Aristo-cat in Singapore

Pretend Cat

Lately my owner has started imagining that her boyfriend is a cat. I’d spend less time hallucinating, and more time focusing on the yummy chocolate pudding.

Turning Back Time

Me when I was a few weeks old. No one knew that I would take over the world.

Usurping The Bed

Since she’s gone, I have usurped her bed… I am the Aristocat! Well I just wish she would be back soon so we can snuggle together.

Yoga Cats

She can’t be with me, but at least she has this Yoga Cats calendar to accompany her now.

Clinging On

These were her Birkenstocks. They are mine now.

Cat Crazy

She’s too far away from the Aristocat that she has to surround herself with make-believe cats.

Fortune Kitty

My owner saw a fortune kitty in a pizzeria and thought of me. It’s true, you can never forget the Aristocat.

Cat Wine

Did the cat get your tongue, knowing that you were celebrating your move to a new city while I languished in Singapore?

Adopted Cat

My owner betrayed me by cuddling this cat in Cape Town. I hope she got scratched in the process. (She did.)